The following list shows a partial list of our more significant projects representing our experience in the following project categories:

Burbank Environmental Center, Burbank, California.

Design of reinforced masonry warehouse, office and maintenance buildings totaling 42,000 SF.

Athens Disposal Co. MRF, City of Industry, California.

A large materials recovery facility for processing solid wastes.

MWD Operations Control Center, Los Angeles, California.

Design of “Essential Facility” Control Building housing computer equipment for control of water supply flows into Los Angeles County.

Consolidated Freightways, Miraloma, California.

A 375-dock, 150-door, freight loading and off-loading steel-framed canopy and warehouse and adjoining two-story office building.

Envases de Zacatecas Zacatecas, Mexico.

A 230,000 SF can manufacturing plant building structure.