STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING consultation through all project phases. Conceptual design and selection of the right structural system is key to any project's success. Costa and Associates' wide-ranging experience in many types of projects can guide the architect to select the right structural solution for economy, performance, and sustainability. During the design phase, Costa and Associates prepares structural design drawings, specifications and calculations. Expert support is provided during the construction and close-out phases of the project.

PERFORMANCE-BASED DESIGN - Current Code Standards are not always the best criteria for seismic design. For special use buildings, a more comprehensive analysis of probabilistic risk vs. cost can be established to meet seismic performance goals.

DESIGN-BUILD - Preparation of design criteria for RFP as well as direct participation in design-build teams from system selection, preliminary design and on through the construction phase.

VALUE ENGINEERING - Evaluate your project’s proposed structure at any stage of design for cost-effectiveness and, when appropriate, offer alternative solutions.

STRUCTURAL EVALUATION of existing structures  and their foundations for conformance with current or previous codes, evaluation of the adequacy of the structural system to perform under dead, live, wind and seismic loads under ASCE 31 and other criteria.

SEISMIC RETROFIT DESIGN for meeting seismic performance criteria of various codes including current IBC, CBC, FEMA and ASCE 41.

STRUCTURAL DAMAGE EVALUATION of structures and foundations and design of repairs. Damage from overload, fire, accidental impact, extreme seismic or wind loads and environmental factors can be evaluated and an effective repair recommended.

SPECIAL DESIGNS - Costa and Associates can provide you with specialized designs of any structure including foundations in difficult sites,  pedestrian bridges,  canopies, equipment foundatio and anchorages, foundation underpinning and shoring.