The following list shows a partial list of our more significant projects representing our experience in the following project categories:

Dos Lagos PA3 Work-Live Condominiums

Project consisting 90 Work-Live three-story complexes.

Dormitory Addition, Claremont-McKenna College, Claremont, California.

Addition of dormitory units and recreation/meeting room facilities

Palm Springs Radisson Resort Hotel, Palm Springs, California.

Complete renovation and rehabilitation of hotel facilities and addition of ancillary buildings.

Central Avenue Villa, Los Angeles, California.

A 20-unit low-cost housing in South-Central LA with underground parking.

Florence Avenue Villa, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

A 16-unit low-cost housing in South Central Los Angeles with underground parking structure.

Las Casitas Housing Project, Los Angeles California.

Structural Engineering for low-income Type V single and multiple family housing units